Sometimes, one campus is not enough. With a service area spread over nine Middle Tennessee counties, we know that providing equal access to all potential students calls for more than just one location.

After all, distance matters. Avoiding a long commute saves time and money, each of which can be the difference between a two-year degree and wishful thinking.

It’s for this reason that Columbia State has five locations, each of which is equipped to assist you with every aspect of the college experience—financial aid, admissions, learning support, testing, etc. Plus, Columbia State also offers a variety of online courses available through e-campus.

Columbia State’s five campuses provide students the flexibility to mix and match course times and campus locations in the pursuit of an education. Each extended campus also allows students to pursue some degrees or certificates while staying really close to home—in many cases, a student can complete all requirements from a single location.* For more information concerning programs that fall into this category, contact the director of the extended campus nearest you.

(*In some cases, single-campus degree/certificate completion includes online courses.)