Strategic Plan

The Columbia State 2015-2025 Strategic Plan describes where the college is headed and what it wants to accomplish. Guided by the college's mission and vision, and developed within the context of the Tennessee Board of Regents planning process, the planning process addresses emerging trends, opportunities and challenges. It identifies Columbia State’s key priorities and initiatives, provides measures of success and informs future planning.

Planning and Effectiveness Council

Assistant to the President for Access and Diversity - Dr. Christa Martin

Associate Vice President, Business Service - Keith Isbell

Associate Vice President, Faculty, Curriculum and Programs

Associate Vice President, Information Technology - Dr. Emily Siciensky

Associate Vice President, Strategic Planning, Effectiveness and Retention - Tammy Borren

Chair, Professional Staff Organization - Melissa Febbroriello

Chair, Support Staff Council - Jessica Jett

Dean, Access, Southern Campuses and Regional Services - Michelle Koenig

Dean, Health Science - Dr. Kae Fleming

Dean, Humanities and Social Sciences - Dr. Victoria Gay

Dean, Science, Technology and Math - Dr. Matthew Muterspaugh

Director, Academic, Engagement and Innovation - Marla Cartwright

Director, Communications - Amy Spears-Boyd

Director, Facility Services and Safety - Dr. Tim Hallmark

Director, Human Resources - Laura Jent

Director, Internal Audit - Erica Smith

Director, Library - Anne Scott

Director, Student Engagement and Services - Adam Robertson

Director, Workforce and Continuing Education

President - Dr. Janet F. Smith

President, Faculty Senate - Dr. Thomas Flagel

Vice President, Academic Affairs - Joni Lenig

Vice President, Advancement - Bethany Lay

Vice President, Financial and Administrative Affairs - Elaine Curtis

Vice President, Williamson Campus and External Services - Dr. Dearl Lampley


Tammy Borren
Associate VP of Strategic Planning, Effectiveness and Retention
Columbia Campus, JSC 154