Disability Resource Center


The Disability Resource Center (DRC) is available for students with a documented diagnosed disability. The purpose of the DRC is to provide academic accommodation and additional supports while ensuring equal access to the Columbia State curriculum and programs.


The Disability Resource Center is dedicated to assisting students with disabilities accomplish their personal, scholastic and career goals by teaching academic and advocacy skills; by eliminating the physical, technical and attitudinal barriers that limit opportunities; and by promoting an awareness of the experience of persons with disabilities within social, political, and economic constructs.

We are committed to providing all services and operating all programs in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, and The Americans with Disabilities Act. We envision a future in which the elimination of barriers has been so effective and the acceptance of students so expansive that Columbia State Community College, both as a facility and as a community, naturally accommodates students with disabilities through the application of universal design.

Meet Your Counselor

Robyn Brian with student Robyn Brian Robyn is located at the Columbia campus with visits to the Lawrence and Clifton campuses. Learn more about Robyn
Jailya Cole Jailya is located on the Williamson Campus. Learn More About Jailya
Something Not Accessible

If you would like to notify the college that something is currently inaccessible, provide comments and feedback, or if you believe you or others have been discriminated against due to inaccessibility please email Wynn.

Email 504/508 Compliance
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Robyn Brian
Disability Resource Center Manager
Columbia Campus, JSC 147
Jailya Cole
Disability Resource Center Counselor
Williamson Campus, FADM 135
1.800.848.0298 (TDD)
931.560.4126 (fax)