Set Up an ACH Refund (Direct Deposit) Account

Step 1: Login to myCN.

Step 2: Click on “Student” in the green shaded area.

Step 3:  In Self-Service box, click on “Student.”

Step 4: Click on Student Account.

Step 5: Click “View Bill/Make Payment/Set Up a Refund Profile.”

Step 6: Click "Continue."

Step 7: Click “Refunds.”

Step 8:
 Click on “Set Up Account.”

  • Select "Account Type" in drop down box
    • checking
    • savings
  • Bank Account Information
    • ABA Routing Number
    • Account Number
    • Confirm Account Number (Type Account Number in Reverse)
  • Accountholder Billing Information
    • Name on Account
    • Billing Address
    • City
    • State/Province
    • Zip Code
    • Account Nickname

Step 9: Click “Continue.”

Step 10:
 Click the "I Agree" Box (has the option of printing the agreement)

Step 11:
 Click "Save."