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Transferring To A Four-Year University

Columbia State students who plan to transfer to a four-year university in Tennessee to complete a bachelor’s degree have a guarantee that their credits will transfer to any Tennessee public university and many private universities if they follow the course requirements for any one of the majors listed among the Tennessee Transfer Pathways for that university.

A pathway lists the course requirements as you move from a community college to the university. Following the pathways and taking the listed courses helps assure that you don’t have difficulty transferring courses and that you don’t take unnecessary coursework.

You’ll find a complete list of transfer pathways majors for Columbia State and the course requirements for each at the Tennessee Transfer Pathways website at TN Transfer Pathway

If followed exactly, the pathways also guarantee admission to any Tennessee public university (UT-Knoxville admission is competitive, and pathways do not guarantee admission) and some private institutions, but may not automatically guarantee admission into a particular college or academic program. Some specific academic programs, such as TTP, Engineering, where class sizes are limited, may have competitive admissions based on enrollment, and you should be advised about any requirements needed when you inquire with the university’s Admissions Office. For more details, including some program prerequisites, review the TTP website.

Each pathway outlines approximately 41 general education credit hours and 19 hours of prerequisites necessary for transfer. A community college student who successfully completes all the courses in the pathway will have earned the credits for an associate degree before transferring. Some programs require prerequisite courses that would cause the total hours for an associate degree to exceed 60 hours. Check the course catalog or ask your advisor about your major program.

For more information on the Tennessee Transfer Pathways, contact your advisor.