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The ACCUPLACER® Test is used by Columbia State to determine course placement for entering students. The ACCUPLACER® is NOT a pass/fail instrument but instead determines which courses are best suited to the student’s level of readiness. Students with valid ACT/SAT scores (within 5 years old) are placed according to those results and are not required to take the ACCUPLACER® test.

Students may choose to challenge both ACT and ACCUPLACER® scores.

  1. In order to register for the ACCUPLACER® exam you must be admitted to the college and screened to take the ACCUPLACER® according to placement guidelines or you must be challenging existing ACT/SAT scores. Contact the Office of Admissions at 931.540.2790 if you have not been screened to take the ACCUPLACER® exam.
  2. First-time students with valid ACT scores (scores acquired within the past five years) receive their academic placement according to those scores. First-time students with no valid ACT/SAT scores will be required to take the ACCUPLACER® for placement. Students may challenge their ACT/SAT placement by taking the ACCUPLACER® TWO times. Students who place initially with the ACCUPLACER® exam may also challenge those initial results TWO times. The challenge cannot be completed on the same day as the initial testing. Placement will be based on the best scores from all valid placement instruments.
  3. The challenge fee for ACCUPLACER® testing is $25.00 per session. NON-TBR students pay $25.00 for remote ACCUPLACER® testing. *All fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. Payment must be made to Business Services office prior to testing.

How to apply:
Online registration form

At home version available through Examity with a $25 fee due, please schedule the appointment via


  • Free for initial testing for Columbia State students
  • $25.00 if challenging valid ACT or previous ACCUPLACER® scores. The cost is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • $25.00 for NON-TBR remote  ACCUPLACER® testing.

Scores are available the same day as the exam and are valid for 5 years. ACCUPLACER® requirements and placement scores are established by Tennessee Board of Regents guidelines. 

Study Guides:
Study guides are available at all of locations in hard copy format. Virtual materials are available at