soccer team after championship game

2019 Soccer Champions

In their SECOND year in existence, your Columbia State women’s soccer team was crowned the 2019 NJCAA Region 7 Division I Women’s Soccer Champions! Since day one, we have always said that we would build our foundation on one word: Belief. Belief that we can build on our three pillars of success: Having the best character, being the hardest working (both on and off the field) and being the most organized (whether that’s on the field or in life). We have always believed in playing for something more than ourselves in hopes of inspiring the youth of our community to pursue their dreams with relentless effort and passion. We are honored to be crowned conference champions, but we are even more proud to know that we did it by sticking to our core values and showing that we are not only conference champions, but champions of character.

Regular Season

It may sound cliché, but we believe that there is no story without struggle. We started the season on a bumpy road but used these obstacles of adversity to grow stronger as individuals, as a team, but most importantly, as a family. Through our humble beginnings, we became a united front and a force to be reckoned with.

Championship Run

The first game of the conference tournament was on October 31 and we found ourselves in third place after the regular season, like last year, but we knew wholeheartedly that this year was different. We had successfully become the team nobody in the conference wanted to play against. In the week leading up to the first conference match, we made a pact that we would not only win the conference, but do it in style having zero goals scored against us. The first game was played in frigid circumstances, but the cheers and exhilarating roars of our unbelievable fans inspired us to a dominant 2-0 victory versus Southwest Tennessee Community College (#2 seeded team), but we were not finished. November 1 we made history by defeating Motlow State Community College (#1 seeded team) 1-0 in the regional conference championship on our home field with the uplifting and unrivaled support of Charger Nation.

Show Your Support

We couldn’t have accomplished anything without the encouragement and support of everyone who believed in us. Through our belief in one another and our uncompromising will to succeed we were able to make history here at Columbia State.

We are looking to raise money for conference championship rings to serve not only as our symbol of belief, but as a symbol of ambition and hope to the players who join our family in years to come. We want to thank each of you for all for the love and support you have shown us throughout the season. We ask that you continue your support by sharing our story and making a difference for our program.

If fundraising falls short of the project's cost or exceeds the project's cost, the monies raised will go towards support of the program.