STEM Within Reach

Reseach, experiment, apply, Communicate, & Hypothesize!

In an effort to promote and encourage young people’s knowledge and access to science, technology, engineering and math careers, Columbia State is hosting its fifth outreach event on Saturday, October 21, 2023 on the Columbia Campus at 1665 Hampshire Pike, Columbia.

Register now and join us on Saturday October 21, 2023!

Follow the links below to register for the event, view the agenda, or submit a scholarship application. Limited financial assistance opportunities are available via the scholarship application thanks to our sponsors. If you are interested in submitting an application, please do so before completing your registration.


WHAT IS STEM Within reach?

  • One-day STEM forum
  • Open to all 6th, 7th & 8th graders
  • Interactive hands-on STEM activities
  • Provides awareness of STEM careers available in Tennessee
  • Promotes and encourages early student success in STEM
  • Promotes the scientific and technological understanding of STEM fields

STEM Within Reach Workshops

The STEM Within Reach workshops are designed to teach middle school students about the different opportunities in STEM-related careers as they begin to think about their futures.
Stations will be set up around campus for the students to observe and participate as Columbia State faculty and guest presenters guide them through an interactive hands-on experience.
Topics include animal science, astronomy, biology, chemistry, engineering, math, technology and more. The following are just a few of past workshop stations (stay tuned for a full list of upcoming events):

  • Zoological Interaction
  • Livestock Optical Examination (aka Cow Eyeball Dissection)
  • LEGO Car Assembly
  • Chemistry Flame Tests
  • Self-Sustaining Ecosystems
  • The Mystery Box
  • Creating Holograms
  • DNA Extractions
  • Make Your Own Lip Balm 

Parents & Teachers

Parents and teachers are invited to stay and attend the adult session, which will provide insight on how to encourage and guide young students in STEM classes and careers. STEM Within Reach will demonstrate to parents how their children can have rewarding and high-paying careers in a variety of STEM fields.

STEM Careers

Architect Astronomer/Space Scientist Biologist Chemist Computer Systems/Game Designer
Electronics Energy Technology Engineer Environmental Management Mathematician
Physicist Plant/Soil Scientist Robotics Research and more

Did You Know?


Only 8.9% of Tennessee college degrees and certificates awarded in the STEM field.


STEM is not emphasized in early education. Only 26% of elementary schools and 38% of middle schools offer computer science classes.


18 out of the 20 highest paying job titles in the U.S. are STEM jobs. The average annual wage for STEM workers is more than double their counterparts.

Nov. 8

is International STEM Day. Celebrate Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.



STEM Within Reach
Research, Experiment, Apply, Communicate, & Hypothesize