Room Reservations


  1. Study rooms and conference rooms can be reserved on a first-come-first-served basis for 30-minute increments by use of kiosk-screens located next to every door.
  2. Rooms can also be reserved 24 hours up to two weeks in advance, and that reservation can be repeated for a period of two weeks running. After that two-week period the kiosk-screens should be used on the first-come-first-serve basis mentioned above.
  3. To make reservation in advance for groups, please stop by the Circulation Desk or call 931.540.2556 or 931.540.2560 or email your request to 

Room kits
may be checked out in Columbia with a current Columbia State ID. Each kit contains HDMI cables with adapters to connect laptops to the flat screens in each room; white board markers and eraser.

Williamson: Study Room reservations

Advanced reservations can be request at each location's Circulation Desk or by emailing