What is Co-Op/Internship?

Columbia State believes students can develop needed skills by engaging in challenging and interesting situations in the workplace.

This 'applied learning' can provide opportunities for students to develop their abilities in 'real world' work environments. The Co-Op program is flexible and tailored to meet the aptitudes and career interests of each student.

Co-Op is similar to an independent study course. The student, with assistance from the workplace supervisor and faculty sponsor, establishes learning objectives at the beginning of the Co-Op period. The reports from the workplace supervisor and visits by the faculty sponsor will assure that each student obtains maximum benefit from the program. Successful completion of the Co-Op will
allow the earning of college credit for the course. A grade of Pass or No Pass will be determined by the supervisor's recommendation and faculty evaluation of student achievement.

Although there is no guarantee of Co-Op placement, every effort is made to place students. If compensation is involved, the rate of pay is established between the employer and the student. The employer pays wages directly to the student.

Required Documents

Co-Op Agreement
Co-Op Midterm Evaluation
Co-Op Final Workplace Evaluation

Staff / Faculty Sponsors:

Required forms for completion by FACULTY SPONSORS (Instructors and/or Academic Deans) located in Charger Net MyCN under Faculty & Advisor TAB then on right hand side scroll down under Faculty Documents.

COP 201 Through 206 Cooperative Education (1-6 Hours)

This course is practical work experience in an industry or business related to the student's major field of student. Close communication is maintained between employer and co-op staff (instructor or dean) to ensure maximum benefit to the student. This course should allow students to explore the field in which their vocational interests lie and determine whether it is suitable for them. This course may be used as a general elective upon co-op staff approval. Students will be required to work a minimum of 60 hours for each credit hour earned. Students may repeat co-op courses to maximum total of six credit hours.

COP 201 Cooperative Education (60 hours minimum)
COP 202 Cooperative Education (120 hours minimum)
COP 203 Cooperative Education (180 hours minimum)
COP 204 Cooperative Education (240 hours minimum)
COP 205 Cooperative Education (300 hours minimum)
COP 206 Cooperative Education (360 hours minimum)
Grading of CO-OP Courses is on a Pass/No Pass Basis.


Permission of instructor required.

How Do I Enroll in Co-Op?

Must Meet the following criteria:
  • A minimum GPA of 2.0
  • Permission of your faculty sponsor
  • To qualify for entry and to continue in the program, students must not engage in conduct that results in college disciplinary sanctions or academic penalties.


Complete These Steps:

  • Complete cooperative education application (available in the Academic Division offices and/or administrative offices of the Extended Campus locations)
  • Obtain approval/signature from faculty sponsor
  • Discuss potential placement with faculty sponsor
  • Contact potential employer and schedule interview
  • Notify faculty sponsor of interview results
  • Faculty sponsor will register you in the appropriate co-op course when you have a placement

Start early - Registration deadlines for Co-Op courses are the same as for any other course.

Check out Handshake for other internship opportunities available. • Be sure to use your Columbia State credentials to sign in.


Department of Student Engagement
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