William Covington Legacy
In his honor, The Friends of William Covington ask that you join us to help other students benefit from William’s legacy as we work to support the Columbia State Community College Hospitality and Tourism Management Program with the goal of establishing an endowment that will provide student scholarships and help meet program needs.
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William Covington
Foundation Scholarships
The Foundation stewards student scholarships that are awarded based on a variety of criteria. Students apply through Financial Aid Scholarship Form.
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College Development Fund
These funds are used to support work that increases the impact of the college's mission for students and community. These unrestricted funds allow the Foundation to meet priority needs that other funds may not address.
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College Programs
College program funds are used to support instructional and academic excellence within the Health Sciences, STM (science, technology, mathematics) and Humanities and Social Sciences.
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Ways to Give:

  • Outright Gifts:   Include cash, checks and pledges of future funds. If the donor's employer MATCHES charitable contributions, the impact of the gift can be increased, and the donor will receive recognition at the appropriate level for the combined gift and the match.
  • Shares of Stock:  In publicly traded companies can be given, and may have real tax advantage to you by allowing you to avoid capital gains taxes for stock which has appreciated in value and has been owned by the donor for more than one year.
  • Planned Gifts:  Include bequests from a last will and testament, charitable remainder trust and lead trusts, charitable gift annuities and other arrangements that may offer significant tax and estate planning advantages to the donor. 
  • Life Insurance:  Can offer a simple and cost effective way to benefit the college by naming the Columbia State Community College Foundation as the owner and beneficiary of a life insurance policy. Payments by the donor of the policy's premiums may also result in a tax-deductible gift to the Foundation.
  • Retirement Plans:  Can also name the Columbia State Foundation as the beneficiary, and may serve to assist the donor with his or her tax and estate planning.
  • Gifts of Personal Property:  Such as books, jewelry, art, professional equipment, and other items may be given.
  • Gifts and Real Property:  May be given to the Columbia State Foundation, or included in a Planned Gift.


Foundation Office
Columbia Campus, Pryor 113
1665 Hampshire Pike
Columbia, TN 38401