Initiating Services

Steps to Request an Academic Adjustment:

The process works best when students:

  1. Meet with Disability Services to discuss the need for an academic adjustment and to complete the ADA Intake Evaluation packet of forms.

  2. Provide documentation which meets the published criteria and supports the need for the requested academic adjustment.

    Students with insufficient documentation may be referred to physicians, psychologists or other diagnosticians for complete assessments before academic adjustments are approved.

  3. Student-approved memo is sent through Disabilities Services to the instructor. Initiation of services does not begin until the student schedules an appointment to discuss the services with instructor. Disability Services will review the documentation and ADA Intake Evaluation packet and will make a determination of any approved academic adjustments, aids or services. Upon approval, the student will receive an Academic Adjustment form in a sealed envelope for each instructor. Students receiving accommodations are responsible for meeting with each instructor to discuss the approved accommodations during first week of classes. Typically, this should be done by an appointment prior to classes starting. If the instructor is unavailable, the meeting should be scheduled prior to or after the first or second class meeting. The instructor and student should sign both copies. The instructor will keep one copy for filing and the student will return the second copy to Coordinator of Disability Services.

  4. Schedule follow-up meeting with Coordinator of Disability Services as needed to discuss any problems.

  5. Make a request for academic adjustments on the Academic Adjustment Request form each semester and provide updated information by completing the Brief Intake Evaluation so that we may have updated information on file at all times.

  6. Consult the timeline for academic adjustment implementation and make the request within the suggested timeline.

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