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How will C-STAR be useful to faculty and staff?

C-STAR is a software program powered by Starfish Retention Solutions.  In addition to performing the customary Early Alert functions, C-STAR also has a “connect” feature that allows instructors, advisors, and student support staff to interact together to promote student success.

Everyone involved can see that, when alerts are raised, the student has follow-up with the appropriate support. C-STAR can help faculty and staff:

In addition to manually raised flags, C-STAR can use data from Banner and the attendance tool in C-STAR to raise flags automatically, alerting students, instructors, or advisors that students are at risk.


To access C-STAR, log onto

Videos to help get you started with C-STAR: 

How to create your profile:

The Student Folder:

How to take Attendance:

How to set up office hours:

How to Do the Progress Survey (the Early Alert):

How to Clear a Flag and Close the Loop:


Getting Started Guide for Faculty and Staff

Student Orientation for C-STAR

A Sample Syllabus:

We Care About Your Success!
Your instructor will be using C-STAR to help you succeed in this course. The instructor may set alerts, flags, referrals, or kudos to let you know about your course grades or academic performance. To get to C-STAR, go to the Columbia State home web page, select the Quick Links link in the upper right corner, and select C-STAR. Also, you may receive emails from C-Star regarding your course grades or academic performance. Please pay attention to these emails, flags, and alerts and consider taking the recommended actions. They are sent to help you be successful!

In addition, your instructor may: (1) request that you schedule an appointment by going to C-Star, or (2) recommend that you contact a specific campus resource, such as tutoring or counseling. You may also be contacted directly by one of these services.

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