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Humanities Division

The departments within Humanities offer a wide range of courses for learners to choose from—courses taught by highly educated and dedicated instructors, who are experts in their chosen field. 

Go ahead...browse each department and see for yourself how the Humanities can help you grow, professionally and personally!
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Students studying Anthropology can pursue careers in a variety of fields, including archeology, cultural resource management and museum curation, linguistics, social science research, and forensic science.


The Art Curriculum provides basic courses which meet the requirements leading either to the Associate of Arts degree or the Associate of Science degree in Art.

young smiling children around tableEarly Childhood Education (Pre K-3)

Early Childhood Education is an education specialty designed to prepare individuals to work with children from Pre-K through 3rd grade.

Group of students workingEnglish

Welcome to the English Department at Columbia State Community College! Our English curriculum provides basic courses that meet the requirements for an Associate of Arts.

exercise roomExercise Science

Inspire others to get fit and be healthy with a study in Exercise Science.

Group of students in foreign countryForeign Language

Learning a second (and third!) language is not only a good way to enrich your experience of the world—it’s also a good way to separate yourself from other job seekers in the workforce.
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As a geography major, you’ll study a wide variety of subjects such as deserts in the making and the paths of tornadoes, Students will study how the world works!
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Graphic Design

No matter the medium, there’s always a need for things to look good. A Graphic Designer can create visual solutions for the communication problems besetting today’s businesses.

Group of studentsHistory

The study of all that’s come before is an important part of understanding the present and anticipating the future. Students who pursue a degree in History will find themselves well-positioned to embark on any number of career paths.
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Columbia State provides students with the opportunity to gain a solid footing in the Humanities before settling on any one discipline.
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International Affairs

The International Affairs emphasis is a two-year program studying world politics, sociology and economy.

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Students studying Kinesiology can pursue careers in areas of Rehabilitation, Exercise Science, Personal Training, Athletic Training and Research.

Student using video cameraMass Communication

A degree in Mass Communication prepares students for any number of exciting, challenging careers such as broadcasting, journalism or publishing.

music student singingMusic

Columbia State’s Associate of Fine Arts degree provides students with a broad liberal arts education and the skills necessary to explore Music through its history, composition, theory and performance.
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Nutrition and Food Science

The Nutrition and Food Science degree allows students to complete requirements for the first two years of a traditional 4-year didactic program. Some job option are dietetics, food scientist and food science technician.

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A Philosophy degree provides a foundation of critical thinking and analytic skills useful for various careers and leadership positions, especially in law and education.
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Physical Education

P. E. is not just about push-ups and sit-ups anymore. Physical Education has taken on a more all-inclusive approach that encompasses physical, mental, social growth and well-being.

Classroom of studentsPolitical Science

Every day, the government is either doing something for you, or to you. Students pursuing a Political Science degree will learn how governments work.

Students paying attention in classPsychology

The Psychology Department at Columbia State is dedicated to providing all learners with a quality education in the psychological sciences.

Young womanPublic Relations

At Columbia State, the Public Relations emphasis will equip you with the tools you need to pursue first a bachelor’s degree and then a career in the field.

Student reading with childSocial Work

Being a Social Worker is as much a calling as a career. Columbia State offers classes that will help you achieve your goal of helping others.

Group of studentsSociology

If the complex web of human interaction fascinates you, then start a career in Sociology at Columbia State.
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Special Education

The Special Education emphasis is a student's first step towards a careers as a Special Education Teacher for preschool, elementary, middle, and high school.
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Speech Communication

The Speech Communication emphasis prepares students for careers in advertising, public relations or any of the many industries in which choosing one’s words carefully is important.
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Sport and Leisure Management

Sport and Leisure Management provides a broad-based education in sports and leisure management. This program prepares students for a successful career in the sports and recreational industry.
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Teaching: K-5

Teachers help mold future generations and Columbia State offers a Teaching Program that will start you on your path to success in the classroom.

A student performing on stageTheater Art

Art isn’t easy. Successful writers, actors and musicians get where they are with hard work and training. Columbia State's Theater Program can help you take those first steps toward a career on stage.

Young man in the libraryUniversity Parallel, No Emphasis

It’s not uncommon to enter college lacking a firm idea of exactly what subject will be your major. You can explore a variety of different subjects and potential career paths through the University Parallel program.

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