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STEP 2: Obtain Your Student Aid Report (SAR).

Once you submit your FAFSA, it is processed by the Central Processing System (CPS).

The CPS runs all your data through a complex equation called the Federal Methodology.

When the CPS has finished analyzing your data through the Federal Methodology, an email will be sent to the email address listed by the student on the FAFSA.

This email will contain a summary of the FAFSA results called the Student Aid Report (SAR).

The Student Aid Report will list all the information that you provided on the FAFSA, as well as your Expected Family Contribution (EFC).

Your EFC is NOT a bill. It is not a statement of what you will have to pay for college.

The EFC is how much a family “could” contribute to a college education, not what they are expected to pay.

The government uses the EFC to determine if you are eligible for Pell grant; the State of Tennessee will use it to determine if you are eligible for a TSAA Grant; and Columbia State will use it to determine if you are eligible for other types of need-based aid.

When you receive your SAR, please review the information carefully to insure that you reported everything accurately.

You may then go back to the FAFSA website and make any corrections that you need to make.

Your SAR will note if you were randomly selected by the CPS for a process called “verification.” Click Verification to learn more.

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