Learning Support Boot Camp

The goal of the boot camp is to prepare targeted students for success on the ASSET placement test (the challenge placement exam at Columbia State). 

Columbia State institutional reports provided more than 125 names of students who will not be able to complete their college goals without first achieving eligibility for LS classes. Federal Financial Aid Guidelines do not include financially assisted remediation below high school level. Per ACT standards, a score below a 13 on the ACT is considered to be below high school level. The A-100 Guidelines (revised 2010) place a responsibility upon the institutions to include within their LS programs strategies that address learning support for those students with subject scores below 13 on the ACT (or concorded SAT/COMPASS/ASSET scores). Students within this category are among those least prepared to work on their own to remediate deficiencies and least likely to possess economic means to pay out of pocket for tutoring to remediate.

 The two goals of the grant are to 1) provide remediation for up to 60 students ineligible for LS disciplines; and 2) that fifty (50) percent of those students will be eligible for their LS classes once they have attended the LS Boot Camp and have retaken the necessary components of the ASSET exam.   A fast-track remediation project such as a Learning Support Boot Camp will allow these students to remediate at Columbia State while also taking college-level courses that do not require LS prerequisites.  Contact Learning Support at extension 931.540.2859.

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