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Paramedic school is the pinnacle of Emergency Medical Services licensure. Licensed EMTs go through a year-long rigorous process involving didactic, practical instruction and clinical training to deliver advanced life support medical care. Students who successfully pass the program are prepared to sit for the national registry practical and written exams in order to become fully licensed paramedics.

Paramedic School

Licensed EMT’s wishing to accept the challenges of becoming a paramedic need to follow the following process. Please note that admissions process to Columbia State does not guarantee a seat in the Paramedic program as the process is extremely competitive.

  • A candidate must apply to Columbia State Community College by submitting an application to the admissions office. 
  • When the college admission process has been completed, it may be necessary to take a placement test. To do so, contact Shirley Harper (Franklin campus) at 615.790.4400 or the Testing Center (Columbia campus) at 931.540.2821. Students registering for EMT-Paramedic courses must be eligible to enroll in 0800 level Learning Support or college-level Math, English, and Reading.  Competency in these areas may be validated by sub-scores of at least 13 in Math, 13 in Reading, and 13 in English on the ACT or through institutional placement testing using the Compass Exam.  

The Tennessee Department of Health Bureau of Health Licensure and Regulation Division of Emergency Medical Services (Rule 1200-12-01-.13) governs the following process outlining admission into the CSCC paramedic program.

Candidates must submit a separate application to the Paramedic program. [Applications for these classes will be accepted January through March of 2014.  These applications can be found HERE or in the office of the EMS Academy located on the Northfield training facility.

This application should include:
  • A copy of current EMT license 
    • An ADVANCED EMT license will be required BEFORE entrance into the Paramedic program.
  • A current BLS certification
  • Two letters of reference (NOT family members) 

The state of Tennessee department of health requires that candidates applying to paramedic school must pass a psychological profile test. Applications will be reviewed and the candidate will be notified of the date for psychological testing and EMT basic exam. The candidate will also interview with the EMS review panel.  After all interviews are completed, candidates will receive a letter of acceptance or declination.

ALL Paramedic classes [didactic/skills] are currently meeting at our new NORTHFIELD FACILITY located at the Saturn/GM plant in Spring Hill.  These classes will meet from September of 2014 and run to August of 2015. Students are in class only two days per week.  These classes will revolve around a “24/48” shift schedule with lecture days once per week meeting on Columbia State Community College’s “A-Shift” starting in September.  All lectures will be offered from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM with the second day of class (skills group) meeting once a week on “B” or “C” shift. Depending on your skills assignment, you will need to attend either on “B-Shift” or "C-Shift." These days are not interchangeable; you must attend the one to which you are assigned. 

  • Students are required to complete 150 hours per semester in clinical rotations. It is the responsibility of the student to schedule the required amount of clinical time via the FISDAP clinical scheduler [explained the first day of class]. Clinical opportunities include rotations in OB/GYN, OR, lab, pediatrics, respiratory, intensive care units, cardiac units, Medical Examiner’s office, Emergency rooms, EMS agencies, and Vanderbilt Lifeflight.
  • During the summer semester, each student is required to complete 240 hours of preceptor rides. Students are assigned a preceptor only after being approved by the Director of the EMS Academy.
  • The total cost for enrollment in the Paramedic program is approximately $3800.00. This includes all applicable tuition, lab and activity fees, and malpractice insurance. Students should expect to spend approximately $700.00 for textbooks and related course materials and should be purchased before the first day of class. 
Students are also required to:
  • Complete a criminal background check, 10-panel urine drug screen, and urine alcohol screen. (Approximate total cost: $100.00)
  • FISDAP account - online scheduler ($85.00)
  • Provide proof of medical insurance.
  • Complete a physical exam, along with all required vaccinations and/or titers.  (Some forms require a physician/provider's signature.  All documentation is uploaded by admitted students to (Truescreen) at least 30 days prior to the first day of class.)
Students are expected to purchase:
  • A uniform that will be worn each day of class and at each clinical visit. You will purchase at least TWO complete uniforms. [Uniform shirts WILL be purchased at "Ted's" in Columbia.]
  • Black, "Tru-Spec" type pants ($20.00-$40.00 each)
  • Black rubber-soled shoes/boots($20.00-$60.00) [No “tennis-type” shoes]
  • A good stethoscope (prices vary)
  • A blood pressure cuff ($25.00-$30.00) for use in class and at clinicals.
  • Calendar [Hard-copy or Digital] Clinical rotations for the semester will be discussed on the first day of class. Students will need to bring and maintain a calendar in order to ensure they meet the required clinical hours for the semester. 

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